Friday, June 29, 2012

GHD Mini July hot models Behind the Scenes

GHD Mini July hot models Behind the Scenes:
did not really come into contact with each other. this photo, I capture from a distance and did not see, without confirmation, not ‘irrefutable evidence’ Tong Lin Do not believe their own eyes see things. “Napoleon Wrasse I GHD Limited Edition looked down at the table:” Damn, I’m going to a show to take pictures almost forget these things. “carry on the package, but also comfort the child Lynn a few words to let her two days to personally ask Lu Fei, to figure out to say, on the left. Sui Feifei exhaled breath: “In fact, Napoleon Wrasse put some truth. Couple of days ago my car passing the Commercial Street also saw Lu Fei, he should come back, and chose a better to hit than today to accompany you in the past asked told in advance to ask it. Tong Lin shocked: “today? I’m not a little to prepare.” Sui Fiche cry: “What to prepare? to be nothing at all clear, you want something, it still let him early how to Yuan Huang is not. “Tong Lin, these two had grown up with girlfriends, have a deep dependence and trust. Lu Fei is her first love, she see heavy, heavy, encounters Lu Fei “suspected derailment” this event, let her ask really some Qingqie, some do not know where and asked again a little scared Lu Fei really. Now, Sui Feifei willing to go with her, subconsciously, actually wish for some, also with the Sui Feifei go. Afternoon near work, Tong Lin, they went to Lu Fei company, and so on for a moment, only to see the crowd from the office out of the Lu Fei. Lu Fei gloomy face, and Tong Lin pass. Tong Lin busy pull him, land and fly GHD Mini to see her, but no lighted only blunt asked: “how do you come?” Tong Lynn sad heart, do themselves so do not recruit him to be see? Not seen for two months, met with, but a good face. Had opened his mouth, she looked at goes on frozen-like face, and stammered, I do not know what to say. Impatient Sui Feifei come up with that picture and threw it on the front of Lu Fei: What do you mean? No time to accompany me home Tong Lin, fell free to accompany sister? “Lu Fei pick up the photos looked good while before I was furious at once: “you followed me? Tong Lam, when did you become so vulgar?” Tong Lin anxious: “I followed you? wrong earlier, I do not blame you, you falsely accuse. yes, I’m vulgar, and vulgar but also how, vulgar forced out had who said it, no matter what I look like, and will think of me as the palm of the Po Lu Fei, said that if you blink of an eye forget? “Lu Fei sneer loudly:” I forced you what? since college, I did not according to you? even GHD MK4 the middle of the night suddenly want to eat ice cream, I ran half the city to buy back. you , when thought of me with? “side of the Sui and did not go, waving interrupted the quarrel of the two:” Well, well, today we are not here to quarrel, it is looking for you ask, this photo in the end how is it?

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