Sunday, June 17, 2012

WWE No Way Out 2012: Potential Plans for Ryback

WWE No Way Out 2012: Potential Plans for Ryback:
According to Wrestle Zone, Ryback is very likely to appear tonight at No Way Out, but with a potential twist:
"WZ has learned that WWE officials have been discussing several ideas for Ryback at tonight's WWE No Way Out PPV.
Originally, WWE wanted to book Ryback to defeat four wrestlers in a squash match, however Bill DeMott, who recently returned to work for WWE, is pushing for the match to be a 2 man squash utilizing local talent."
I know that Ryback's career has, so far, been nothing more than a series of squashes against (mostly) local talent, but I, for one, would be very interested in seeing a four-on-one squash.
Yes, I know that Ryback needs to get something else to do—such as engage in a real feud—but I do think that letting Ryback squash four different people at the same time would be an intriguing way to go.
I know that squashing local talent is nothing new (or really impressive), but to have a guy beat up on four people all by himself? It would certainly be unique, and if nothing else would cast the slightest bit of doubt onto how quickly Ryback could get it done.
My question is this: Would Ryback squashing more and more jobbers at a time actually help him seem more impressive, or is it just delaying the inevitable slide into obscurity if he doesn't beat someone worthwhile?
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