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The Vibram Five Fingers are already redefined as wellbeing

The Vibram Five Fingers are already redefined as wellbeing:
Can no matter how he doubt, this great occasion vibram five fingers australia of nation still true realistic slice of station at own in front."Is not right!You see my this power of memory!"The history wood still specially knocked to knock his/her own and had some to regret of way:"To to, your Xing Zhao isn’t a beginning!Bureau chief Zhao several years ago but often solved, military merit Zhuo Zhao!Is unexpectedly still so young, call is up young and capable!"The VIP chapter catalogue chapter 263 has narrow escape from death although the history wood topic turns very quickly, can great occasion of nation and Yang Xue Yi but is all husband Anne, especially great occasion of nation is also do criminal police of Be from, certainly listenned to the history trouble within Lin Hua.However 2 people all had no to directly pose this question, some affairs knew it in heart and then wented and not just uncovered to be fond of bottom now of Hou.As for great occasion of nation can arrive to a city bureau to report smoothly today but because the telephone at the beginning answered in the car, but what to make a phone call allows to sign.Originally early in the morning today, Xu Li just got up, hear the telephone ringing.Xu Li pickeds up a telephone but discovers that the number doesn’t acquaint with, however Xu Li knows that the person whom oneself’s telephone number knows’ combining not much, and seeing a call to show is still a fixed telephone to beat come of, should can’t be what harass a telephone.Then answered to get up.Can just start to connect a telephone, didn’t etc. Xu Li’s openings, listens to a telephone that having a hasty way to woman:"BE allow mayor?""I BE!Are you that?""Do not take care of I is who, you hope river City’s police department to want to take a post of be public security official’s bureau chief to call great occasion of nation?Someone wants to deal with him, take advantage o the manufacturing traffic accident of the road that he takes a post today murder him!"Telephone the woman of the that direction finishes saying and then hanged a telephone, don’t talk for Xu Li of opportunity.^^^^Xu Li took telephone Leng in a short while, great occasion of nation wanted to hope a river to take a post today, this is no longer the secret, and after all formal documents all have been already descended to reach.So Xu Li Cai prohibits this telephone exactly is what mean, just leg-pull?Or really have its matter!Think to great occasion of nation wants to take a post today, should go to loose river City bureau first to report and carry out good hand continuous after, accompany to°from leadership in the city bureau again to hope river City to take a post.^^^^Seeing to great occasion of nation thus should have already set out as well.If oneself wants to check this telephone, perhaps isn’t a momentary half to engrave to check pure.More important oneself how check, let who check?If this telephone says to really have its matter, that think that the person who murder great occasion of nation should can not run Zheng Jun Po and history Lin Yi Huo person and explain the woman that make a phone call should be belong to Zheng Jun Po that in of person, and should relatively know a near person.It be thus and in private otherwise also not likely to know news.If oneself recklessly notifies a city police department that the person of ground checks this matter, not is send to sheep and go into dangerous spot!And this kind of affair should be to would rather believe it to be true, can not believe it to have no, so Xu Li immediately pulled out great occasion of nation’s telephone.The relation that great occasion of nation signs with can fear is a friends until death, in those early years when the river was rather, allowed to sign but saved great occasion of nation’s life, the end returned to render up all of all achievements great occasion of nation, so great occasion of nation’s canning say to Xu Li is to be dead set.===Otherwise Xu Li also can’t suggest loose river City Wei, city hall parties great occasion of nation come to hope a river to support he or she.So after allowing to sign to tell great occasion of nation this matter.
Great occasion of nation by dint of several yearsvibram five fingers are from Jing experience and discovered to behind follow right away of Audi car.Great occasion of nation considers a short moment and immediately took off the Jing on the body take with going to the police whom the city bureau handles affairs to change to come over with each other together with him and let again later on police car at a flashback curved the place stopped down, great occasion of nation pushed away a car door to immediately get off and hid later on at a corner.Because the behind ground Audi leaves a police car to contain far more than 100 riceses.So when he keeps up with come, the police car has already re- launched to set out, he basically has never discovered a front ground police car up have been little individual.Great occasion of nation beat a for-rent car in the wayside later on and went straight to loose river City’s police department all the way.===However for paralyzing and murdering own crime member, at the same time also for protecting a police car up two police’s safety.Especially the idea of great occasion of nation orders 2 people on the police car to drive to be slowly and specially notices a safety.Can have never thought a crime the member is so malicious, they basically don’t make a transportation accident, but the life that wants great occasion of nation indeed and really actually, specially arrange car to bump great occasion of nation.Although great occasion of nation once escaped a to rob, can two police but consequently get hurt.Two matter sons that police get hurt, great occasion of nation has already known.However he can once escape this to rob is already a ground is unusually lucky in misery, Yang Xue Yi and Xu Li all has already known the process that settles a dispute feeling, however already the everyone heart know the belly is clear, this matter necessarily has the history the wood’s participation.From just the history wood’s reaction up confirmed this more.Can at present there is no history on hand definite crime evidence of wood, so can not act rashly.^^^^Can make him temporarily be at large.Great occasion of nation wants to hold tight to murder they ground a murderer, can to after hoping a river, oneself investigated this matter in person.This husband Anne of Yang Xue Yi with various crimes member Dou greater half generation son, not only chain a pair of burning eyes gold Jing, is also the acting skill whet and do of skilled.To not disturb a history wood, Yang Xue Yi comes forward an one step to say with smile:"Like, you don’t want to cried up each other again, I know that all of your 2 peoples are us loose river’s public security official’s front well-known combat hero, can have never thought you still all do quite good mouth skin sub- effort!"History wood and great occasion of nations mutually see a to smile.However history Lin Zhi can be regarded as wry smile,great occasion of nation smiles very brilliantly.Yang Xue Yi again immediately after way:"In a short while old history you make to in brief hand over to answer for a while with great occasion of nation and remind him more to the places of the work that hopes a river the attention, after all is an old comrade, must also lift a point to lift a point to their these young staffs.We have meal together and arrive to hope a river in the afternoon at noon, I already with hope a river to beat to receive so much, hope river’s city Wei Wei often will wait us in the city Wei office in the afternoon!""Yang Zheng Wei trust, I can’t definitely be ungrateful to leadership to my development, will definitely make great effort to work, repay leadership to I ground love and esteem!"Great occasion of nation listens to behind immediately response way.The wood of the history didn’t have this good heart feeling, everythings all came from their oneself’s grounds to anticipate,
hateful Zheng Jun Po handles affairs to prohibit to call and unexpectedly cheap vibram five fingers dare to also say great occasion of nation already harm heavy pour in the car.Although oneself didn’t know this to exactly take place among them what matter, however can affirm ground BE, these people perhaps have already been defending he or she.Hope river’s business although oneself made use of 3 to make some adjustments, can far and far don’t attain to ownly prepare to think, if this great occasion of nation to hope after the river, the true beginning carries on survey into oneself, the oneself within sight river does of the matters are perhaps very difficult not loophole.Can say now what all late, in a short while this great occasion of nation will formally to hope a river to take a post, at present also can be walk the one step calculate one step.However the history wood mixed on the officialdom for several years so, early do the effort of calm and steady dispassion, although the situation is extremely disadvantageous to oneself, can he still keep unwillingly saying with smile:"This decision of little Zhao You good, hope a river from now on can see yours!"2 people’s handing over to connect a work is very simple, just is in brief hoped the basic circumstance of river’s public security official’s system all of a sudden for great occasion of nation’s introduction by the wood of history, and to take place in recent years within sight river’s big case wanted a case to look back some kind of.3 people chat till noon time in Yang Xue Yi’s office, Yang Xue Yi sees a history the wood introduce also about, short cut:"Leave, we arrive dining room to have a people’s rice, then directly hope a river!"The VIP chapter catalogue chapter 264 hoped a river to take a post everyone’s the office of Yang Xue Yi after, history short cut wood:"You go first, I go to a trip toilet."Entered a toilet, the history wood then pulled out Zheng Jun Po’s telephone.Zheng Jun Po hears the history wood’s voice and return an ocean ocean satisfied way:"Eldest brother, are you about to return to hope a river right away?"The history wood really hates at this time tooth root all Yang Yang, Nu way:"Is quite good, I am returning to hope a river, however is taking to hope lately- taken a post bureau chief great occasion of nation of river’s police department to return to together!""Great occasion of nation?He not is have an car accident?How to return can hope a river?Does he bump not and seriously?Is impossible!My person’s seeing with own eyes all of 2 people in the police car is full faces blood stain, all already the obfuscation don’t come to, how probably return can go to city inside?"The hasty way of Zheng Jun Po.To know that oneself and history wood root are two locusts on a rope in spite of who have an accident, the another can not escape as well."Have an car accident?That great occasion of nation compares me to arrive it’s yet early, he basically didn’t have an accident, and the person of your under charge handled affairs to also without resort to compose too much!This small matter also doesn’t good, once great occasion of nation to hope a river to formally take a post you to wait to wear small shoe!""How does that do?Want to be not me to immediately arrange a person and hope river’s on the way to arrange a traffic accident again at him?""Go, in a short while I and that great occasion of nation, also have the government Wei of city bureau to rush through together to hope a river, you want my life!Say again you at river rather inshore arrangement traffic accident, there have an accident with us and relate to not and greatly, they want to check to also check we are in the head,
can he if the within sight river has an accident and hopes river current fame with us, vibram five fingers sale perhaps have to appoint especially a survey set in province specialized investigate, more troublesome by that time!""Does that looking at great occasion of nation to so easily appear on stage?Wait he to come to check us?"Zheng Jun Po is still a bit unwilling.The wood of history is silent a short moment after way:"Be free, just I listen to Yang Zheng Wei say, bureau chief Zhang Gui Xiang in the city bureau goes to Peking to hold a meeting, be concerning non- Dian of meeting, the affair of non- Dian perhaps and more serious.Waiting he to come back owner should all be busy at the affair of non- Dian, the momentary should be had no effort to check us.We can make use of for this period of time like a decoration for a while!""Good, can make us stay for a buffer time good!"Zheng Jun Po is inwardly happy, as long as sometimes the oneself convert into cash all properties, by that time who also take care of you history how to do wood!"However you also have to be careful for this period of time and specially take care of the person of your subordinate, must not cause trouble again!The this great occasion of nation new officer takes a post of three make the fire burning you don’t in the head!""Eldest brother, you trust, I have proper restraint.^^^^I promise that great occasion of nation hopes a river after taking a post ground order will unprecedented amendment!The opportunity that certainly would not start revolt toward us for him and lend!"Zheng Jun Po now urgently wears to want money, all of other affairs are small matters, as long as money came to hand and immediately went far away, will never reluctant to part with here."Like, I didn’t say, first so, have an opportunity us to meeteach other to know well again to talk!"The history wood hanged a telephone.Arrive at dining room to seek Yang Xue Yi and great occasion of nation.But is the this period of time for making a phone call at the history Jun wave of Lin Gei Zheng.Yang Xue Yi also carried on a communication with great occasion of nation’s affair in hoping a river and saw arrive just the history wood see great occasion of nation like saw a ghost similar facial expression, 2 people had been able to affirm, great occasion of nation originally embarks of the police car have an accident, this history wood even if isn’t a mastermind also is necessarily an accomplice.Yang Xue Yi not way felt deeply about by must:"Small, you this time to hoping a river can want more carefully!These people unexpectedly already unscrupulous would rather emit murderous to this extent of the criminal charges also want to keep you from taking a post.It is thus clear that hope a river ground the affair have how and seriously!"Great occasion of nation but say with smile:"Yang Zheng Wei , I from put on so Jing to take that day since know whole life with danger be regarded as inseparable!However these year, what kind of the crime member have never seen, Be free!Say again I to hope a river to still have the mayor to look after, can’t have a problem!"Yang Xue Yi a listen to great occasion of nation bringing up Xu Li.Not from say with smile:"This signs, within sight river’s unexpectedly falling one now is really three good mayors’ names, think that when you came out from two countries just in those early years you can is the murderous look of whole body!Can be unexpectedly seen make soft persimmon now, he still really plays what elephant what, wait his Xu Li to peep out him sharp benefit claw,
don’t know to have how much person will frighten to death!There is his within sight river that stay in, five fingers I can also trust a lot!""Yes, this signs to clearly still want than me small ten how old, can but early years mature and steady.He just just finished university and then broked so a big case for us in those early years.More let people shockedly are that he unexpectedly faces honor not to contend for not to rob and really shows people not and deeply!""You.Although handling a case experience and working the accomplishment is also more outstanding, can you to officialdom ground these thing still far far not as old as that of yours younger brother!Because the one step that he backed in those early years, just had him over there hereafter continuous progress.This just short several years, he became your immediate superior, if you compare with somebody else, you are also a political idiocy!"Yang Xue Yi in fact still likes very much to great occasion of nation of and otherwise can’t say these with him, either, however great occasion of nation wants to think from now on again continue to progress, arrive his current Class, leans against to bear suffering and be willing to do is ground in the line not, must ast least also learn some political wrists just go."Political idiocy political idiocy!I none of this lives know that the Jian returned several times, also consideration so much dry what, Yang Zheng Wei takes care of and also has already allowed old younger brother’s help, my ability likes my this officers and workers to make and then go!"Yang Xue Yi shakes, could not say as well is what feel.This great occasion of nation if not that so the person who keep a temper, include oneself at inside, and Zhang Gui Xiang waits a person to can’t think greatly of him thus, either, can also because his keep a temper and also destine great occasion of nation very difficult have again what progress.Can say is become Xiao also and, hurt Xiao also with!"To Yang Zheng Wei , I this hopes a river perhaps any further have no time to return to river rather, those two maimed dry Jings you can get to help me to shine on to looking at a point more, after all they because I just have an accident ground!If they really had what accident, I am really very much obliged!"Yang Xue Yi’s point nods and claps great occasion of nation’s shoulder way:"You stop worrying, they not because your a person, but for the sake of we of public security official’s business, enjoy a night for the sake of the nestling of whole citieseses, all of them are us of hero, we will definitely look after like theirs!"The history wood has already rushed through to come over as well at this time, great occasion of nation and Yang Xue Yi also have to change another topic.Everyone then goes by car to rush through after in a hurry once using lunch to hope a river.3 people were already many clocks at 2:00 p.m. while arriving to hope a river.At city Wei board room, city Wei secretary Liu Hong Tao , mayoral〃 Xu Li already etc. is here.The short in a short time connected to change two Weis Wei often, this says to is also a vibration to the everyone leadership that hopes river City, however affair exactly will how develop, everyone waits and sees.The VIP chapter catalogue chapter 265 disguises the foppery is in welcoming great occasion of nation’s rites, Xu Li didn’t have excessive contact with great occasion of nation, however is to friendly hold handshake, shut to chat severals.Everyone is rather river person, this can not also deceive other people.Common saying says that the person of hometown sees person of hometown, two eyes are full of tears.Rather the person of hometown of two rivers can at several 100 kilometers outside of hope a river to meet, and together work together, is also a kind of fate.So the other people’s contact to 2 people also has no excessive viewpoint.On the second day,
the great occasion of nation then within sight river City Wei organizes minister what bottom 5 fingers shoes sale in accompanying of Yangtze River and history wood together rush through to hope river’s police department to formally take a post.And history wood after great occasion of nation took a post, also went loose river’s police department, be his Ji Wei secretary.After great occasion of nation took a post, the social order that hopes a river a while like get up, don’t say homicide case, be fight Dou to beat, the petty thief is small to touch also little many.Hope a river up to the political leadership staff, descend go to common common people, even include those illegal crime the member all is lookinging at great occasion of nation, see his this lately- taken a post public security official’s bureau chief three exactly will burn who the fire!Although great occasion of nation temporarily didn’t°yet what action, can allow to sign but sit not to live.^^^^Sit in the office every day, in addition to acting as to sign machine, there are basically no other workses.BE as little as the underneath what person got in touch with, can not get more what useful intelligence report.Slowly just although often respond some circumstances to oneself, can this slowly just but be not be spy of anticipate, again say Xu the forehead just top early stick last he sign of label, who dare at Xu the in front just talked nonsense words, seeing to everything still have to depend on oneself!This sky noon, Xu Li Qian after a few documents, have no other what work, then beat with secretary’s section to recruit.Say is go out to do some matter.Government mansion.Xu Li returns to his/her own within sight river’s temporary residence, after taking one packet thing, and then beat one the for-rent car arrived at to watch from a distance a river biggestly general merchandise company Xia.===Xu Li Zou is in the crowd and often use canthus remaining to only sweep after death several individuals.After oneself arrived at to hope a river to take a post, oneself not only the administration Class came up, even the treatment also raised a while.Every time goes out and ignore there, even if is to buy a box of smoke, after death will also follow two tails.These people’s of course nots are what government sends to comes, oneself hasn’t arrived that Class.Should is all Zheng Jun Po’s person.It is keeping watch on oneself.Xu Li sees arrive after death 2 people still follow their himself/herselfs and then and exclusively look for person many places to go, soon after death 2 people was then jilted to open a distance.However Xu Li knows to don’t use at all like this, own face is the best name card, those follow own persons to all recognize they, oneself can jilt to open them momentary, basically is not likely to thoroughly jilt to open they.Xu Li takes behind follow a momentary of his/her own person don’t notice he or she.One Shan body hid into company Xia’s toilet.Outside two persons who are responsible for following and allowing and signing immediately becoming a fly is general without the head and seek Xu Li everywhere.Can but disappear its trace.Led to have 56 minutes around, a hair slightly had some flowers white, the facial expression La is yellow.Full face crease ground the old came out a toilet and faced those two was still seeking a Xu Li Di person to walk in the past.Those two small bludgers that still are looking for person , on doing not be careful, bump at the old body up, almost knock down this old man.One eye that the small bludger that bumps a person was overbearing to spoiled, sweep old man at ordinary times immediately scolds a way:"Old thing dided not grow eyes!"Finish saying a pushed away old man, continue to look for his target again.The old man didn’t also put in the mind to this person’s rude behavior and stood slow over there in a short while.

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