Saturday, June 16, 2012

baaad dream

baaad dream:
This was just a really scary dream for me, I've been emotional all day because of it. It's actually the most I've ever remembered a dream before.

I was in an abandoned psych ward or something with a bunch of people. I was packing my things and someone came and asked what i was doing, and I said I was getting out of here and she said she'll come with me. We were gonna leave through the back, but some other 'patients' came and said They were watching. I looked over at the windows and just decided to stay, because I know They'd come after me. We went back in and then everything started getting weird. The people I was with started going crazy or whatever. I was with two other girls and we were going down a stairwell and all of a sudden there was this girl with red eyes (her skin under her eyes were all swollen and a deep red) was chasing us. I went down different stairs than the two I was with and the red-eyed-girl went after me. I was cornered by here and I looked behind me and saw that there was a long drop so as the girl ran toward me I grabbed her and threw her over the ledge, but she grabbed my hand and took me with her. I started panicking because she was still okay, so was I though(I guess I landed on her), and she was crawling on the ground towards me. I started scratching at her face, then I started choking her and trying to break her neck, I finally did and ran to another room. My dog was in there and I guess he was going crazy too, and out of nowhere I have a gun. He jumps towards me and knocks me on the ground, I point the gun at his chest and shoot and shoot and shoot. I get him off me and I'm crying hysterically, he's still alive and in pain so I put the gun to his head and I'm barely able to pull the trigger. I run back to my room and this guys there, I guess he's my boyfriend or something and tells me he feels funny and tells me to go find everyone. I go to the living room area and theres a group of people there. We start talking about what to do or how to get out of here. The others somehow figured out that the place we were at was built on an old burial ground or something, thats why it was shut down, and They, whoever was holding us, were some kind of evil spirits or something. I remember my boyfriend and go back to get him. As I get closer to the door I hear yelling and things being thrown around. I walk in and see my boyfriend with red puffy eyes. The door closes behind me and he grabs me. I try soothing him, but he's just angry and yelling at me. I don't really remember what happens next, but I guess he falls asleep and I escape out of the room. I'm going down the stairs and realize he's coming after me. I jump off the stairs and go back to the others in the living room. I scream and tell them to close the door, but it wouldn't close and the guy burst through the doors. I keep telling him I love and him and for him to stop, but he just starts killing everyone. All of a sudden I'm alone, crouching in the corner. I'm afraid of this place I'm in, I know that it's evil and I'm trapped here. Even if I manage to escape I know I'll still be here, because I CAN'T escape. I can't leave, the place won't allow it. Burning it down wouldn't do anything, it won't burn. There's nothing I can do, I'm stuck in this place forever.

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