Saturday, June 16, 2012

Facing T after a rough session?

Facing T after a rough session?:
My last session with T was rough. We touched on some trauma stuff, and I ended up drifting away...and it took going outside in the rain to get grounded. I remember only bits and pieces of the session...and what I do remember is embarrassing....T trying to get me to cooperate, me struggling and not cooperating, even moments of wimpering.....

Now that I am "back", I'm SO embarrassed to face T again. He said that we would get back to talking about this at my next session, and I am dreading it. It was horrifying to not be in control of myself, that I allowed it to happen and couldn't cooperate and snap out of it....


Can anyone relate? How has your T handled it when reflecting on a particularly embarrassing/difficult session?

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